The Food-Mood Connection Course
Mood always follows food.  Join Dr. Helena Boersma for this 4-week series on understanding the food – mood connection.  You will learn how to develop a healthy relationship with food that promotes balanced and stable moods, decreases brain fog, supports behavioral changes, improves motivation and more.  Through a combination of group discussions and homework assignments, you will learn:

          Week 1:  Nutrition and dietary approaches that support balanced moods
          Week 2:  Gut health – how it influences mood and well-being
          Week 3:  How food choices influence behavior
          Week 4:  Identifying your tools for managing moods

By the end of 4 weeks, you will have developed your own tool kit of resources and approaches that allow you to choose foods that promotes balanced and stable moods.

When:                 Starts Tuesday, April 24th
Where:               3 Saredon Place, Suite 300, Rochester, NY 14606
Frequency:         4 Consecutive Tuesday Evenings
Time:                  5:30PM - 7:00PM
Participants:      Group size is limited to 10 people
Cost:                   $200/person


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The Food-Mood Connection

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