Dr. Helena Boersma, EdD, LMHC, MS, IIN

Like many of my patients, I struggled to find balance in a confusing and fast-paced world.  There were a zillion choices around food, diets, meditation practices, exercise programs and lifestyle choices. . . what was a gal suppose to do?  Trying to nail down the 'best' program for myself and clients often felt challenging and sometimes impossible. One program focused on fatigue while another on lasting behavioral changes while others on nutrition for disease prevention and lifestyle choices.  The bottom line - I wanted a program that addressed all of these areas.  So I went back to the basics of my training in integrative nutrition, exercise physiology and mental health counseling and started over.

For over a decade, my clinical work had focused specifically on eating disorders and disordered eating patterns, in a variety of treatment environments and with all ages.  My clients got better and moved on with their lives, but many wanted to learn more about actually living a fuller life with their new relationship with food.  And I heard their requests.

I have combined my doctorate in mental health counseling with a certification in integrative nutrition and master's degree in exercise physiology to address relationships with food and eating patterns.  I developed a program that offers a unique perspective to building healthy relationships with food and behavioral choices.  I work with my clients to change beliefs patterns around food and behavior, shaping their abilities to experience real and lasting results.  Clients develop a deeper understanding of the impact food has their bodies, moods and well-being.

Your Ticket to Balance and Healthy

My program offers an integrative approach to building bridges between food, behavior, and vibrant lives.  I really get that we are vastly different from one another, even though roughly 99% of our makeup is comparable - simply because we are humans.  I utilize a bio-individual approach with each person....which means, we follow what your biology says it needs, according to you.  There are no standard prescriptions or norms to follow.  In a loving, compassionate and direct manner, we join together to develop and find balance with your relationship with food  . . . leading to a vibrant life.


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